Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation (Pre-treatment of Samples):

In our company, we are able to process raw samples up to several 1000 kg. To obtain homogeneous metallic chips and fine powders less than 160 µm grain size, the following treatments are carried out.
  • Drying (Wet samples up to 100 kg)
  • Shredding (By using hammer mill und schradder for E-scraps)
  • Crushing (Crushers for brittle materials up to sample sizes of several 100 kg)
  • Dividing the samples
  • Incinerating (Pyrolyse in an house developed enviromental friendly incineration oven up to 60 kg sample, approved by MOT)
  • Screening (Medium and fine stainless steel mesh sieves)
  • Melting (Melting furnaces by means of gas up to 1800 °C for 0.1 to 50 kg samples of Cu basis)
  • Melting (Melting in an induction furnace of samples from 5 – 25 kg)
  • Melting (Special melting furnace for Platium up to ca. 7 kg)
  • Sawing (ductile and brittle materials)
  • Grinding (Different grinding units such as using grinding metal balls, sliching unit, vibration discs)
  • Mixing (Tumble mixer of approx. 1 -50 kg and screw mixer)
  • Sample divider (Homogeneous samples are equally divided into sample containers for the laboratory use)

We carry out shredding, incinerating, melting, grinding, sawing, spliting, screening, homogenizing, dividing the raw samples from small to larger scale (g – 100 kg) to produce homogeneous samples in order to get precise results.



We carry out statistically based sampling within Germany and abroad, using qualified colleagues (sworn samplers) as subcontractors.

Test Series

In order to optimize the existing operating processes and to introduce new separation and recycling processes, we carry out the appropriate test series.